Saturday, 13 May 2017

New logo / branding

About this time last year I posted this new logo / branding. Yet here I am again with another logo variation. Every now and then I experiment with different options in an attempt to land on the keeper... hopefully this is it. I like this one as it is much more relaxed and organic with the handwritten name and Australian native plant motifs.

The reason I started mucking around again with this is because I am in the process of setting up another little creative outlet, which needed branding, and as the overall aim is to 'create' I wanted to keep the branding consistent across the board. I will still have two main creative outlets: 'Gabriella Tagliapietra' and 'Pinch River', the latter of which has a very specific focus, whereas 'Gabriella Tagliapietra' allows me to play and experiment - creating designs that can work independently or sit alongside the 'Pinch River' label.

My intention is to be back soon to share more creative goodness - always hoping to gather momentum and keep forging ahead... but as you can see with the long silent pause between blog posts that is not always the case. One can only hope...

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