Saturday, 16 April 2016

New logo / branding

I can't believe my last post here was on 4/10/2014. I really don't know where the time has gone, except to say I have been working on something rather basic, tedious and drawn-out but necessary. I feel like I can finally get back to my creative projects which have all been utterly neglected and on the back-burner for way longer than I care to acknowledge... (except, there is one more hurdle to face... but I'm hoping it won't disrupt things too much and from here on in and I can start to chip away at all the catching up I have to do).

My creative projects are many and varied.

The first one I will talk about is this blog and associated Facebook page... the longest neglected of all my creative projects. I knew I wanted to re-brand as I wasn't ever really happy with the few attempts at logos / banners, etc I started out with. After playing around yesterday afternoon with about 12 different variations on the above theme, I settled on this design for my logo and branding. This blog and Facebook page are for the overall creative projects I undertake as an individual - kind of like the umbrella for all my creative ventures. The plan is to also create an online portfolio as I want to start gravitating toward freelance graphic design work in the future... and I want a place to showcase my surface pattern design, graphic design, illustration and art.

Then there is Pinch River - my main passion and focus - with a re-vamped website underway, an Etsy shop I try and keep stocked, the Facebook page, Pinterest, Flickr, Issuu, LinkedIn and now on Instagram too (but no pics posted yet)... so plenty to keep me busy there while I start on the journey to inject some fresh products and eventually fresh designs in to this project... keeping on top of the social media and not leaving it as dormant as it has been.

There is also a new little venture called Pennefather {Vintage} Wares on Etsy where I am selling beautiful second-hand wares (and also on eBay under Pennefather Wares - so as not to restrict me to vintage on that site).

There have been some collaborations but I intend on ramping this up more... and there are at least two more online projects and one or more community-based projects on the back-burner that I want to move forward with this year, as time permits.

I have done a couple of other logo designs lately that I will share here shortly. I really enjoy this creative process and would love to do this sort of work on a freelance basis.

I'm feeling really excited and so happy to be back to my happy place... my little creative world where everything is good and life's challenges cannot get a foot in the door.

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