Saturday, 4 October 2014

Great Southern Land exhibition

It's been quite some time since I've posted on this blog but the plan is to be here more often from here on in as I have decided I want to focus on developing this side of my creative outlet.

It was always my intention to have two sides to my work - 1) the production ware, i.e. Pinch River and 2) my studio work... sometimes the lines may blur as I am constantly developing my style and will experiment with it in both directions. I am getting closer all the time to a vision I have had in my mind's eye and am enjoying the journey of discovery.

The work for this Great Southern Land exhibition was the result of cutting up larger panels that I had created for the first Interwoven show I did in Sydney in 2013. Happy with the work at the time I later saw the potential to improve on it, or change it to push forward and get closer to that vision that has been waiting patiently my imagination for me to have the time to play.

The framed textile pieces in the last image are something I've also wanted to do for a while and am really happy with these and they will work really well on the production ware side of things too. The plan is to open up another Etsy (and possibly Madeit) shop in my name to sell the studio works in an effort to keep the production ware of Pinch River separate. This will also allow me to get back to illustration which is something I love and be able to sell those as artworks... along with my photography. I'm really excited about this step and can't wait to get started!

So I'll be here more often even though that may not start until January, a quieter month, as I have a grueling market schedule for Pinch River till the end of the year and will be pouring all my energy into that and my online shops (website, Etsy and Madeit) for the upcoming holiday trade.

I also want to start by changing the banner / logo for this blog (and its associated Facebook page) and will have fun playing around with that too. I started with a change of banner on the Facebook page but it's not resolved (and may change completely)... but I just haven't had the time to dedicate to it.

NB: The exhibition runs for the month of October 2014 at Eden Gardens Gallery, North Ryde. It's a beautiful centre and well worth a visit with a beautiful retail space, Dragonfly cafe serving up delicious food, the Gallery (of course) and fabulous gardens to walk around and get inspiration from.

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