Monday, 30 September 2013

Cat Tee Mission Artist Exchange

I'm popping by to share a little project I worked on last month that has been launched today - yay!

The project is the Cat Tee Mission Artist Exchange and I am the artist for October - donating the artwork below to be printed on their tees and other merchandise - with 100% of the profit donated to charities around the world who work in the prevention and rescue of unwanted domestic cats around the world, and the preservation of big cats in Africa.

I'm so happy to be involved with this project as I love cats big and small and am full of thanks and respect for the wonderful, selfless people that care for them.

The artwork was taken from a photograph (a poor quality photograph no less) of my own two beautiful boys Jed and Max. Sadly I lost Jed very suddenly in July 2011 and Max and I still miss him dearly. Jed and Max are both rescue cats. Jed came into my life via a now ex partner and had apparently been left behind in a rental property. The owner of the property was a work colleague of my then partner and we had been considering getting a cat. The vet estimated his age at around 2 years and he was very timid when we first brought him home but through love and play we formed a beautiful bond and he came with me when that relationship derailed.

Not long after I moved I realised that Jed needed company of his own kind and was put in touch with a lady on the other side of the lake that had a shelter and boarding facility. She is such a lovely lady and does great work, all out of pure love. I was SO incredibly fortunate to find Max that day, originally named Macca as he was found under skip bin at McDonald's on the west side of Lake Macquarie. Again we didn't know his exact age but Jo estimated it around 7 months. As soon as I brought him home he and Jed fell in love with each other... they slept together (as you can see from the original photo), they groomed each other and even played commando raiders around the house at 3am no less! That's why the death of Jed was all the harder but I was so fortunate to have known him for his short life... we had such wonderful times together despite me making a silly human mistake or two in the beginning... he ended up being my greatest teacher ever and my understanding for myself and for all animals opened wide because of his presence in my life... and continues through Max.

So what you are waiting for! Off you go to the wonderful online shop and make your purchase >(*!*)< and don't forget to tell your family and friends about the great products and the great work that Cat Tee Mission does - you can visit the website here and their Facebook page here.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Adding content...

This morning I have been busy over on my new Facebook page creating albums and adding images - to fill the page out so to speak and showcase some of my original art, some design ideas from my visual diaries... as well as finished designs... so head on over and take a look and don't forget to 'like' the page to keep in touch with news and events.

Sunday, 16 June 2013


Artist: Gabriella Tagliapietra*

So... I've decided to start another blog! The decision came when I started working on a logo and brand identity for a friend, which I will share here once it's done. I've also designed the brand identity for my own creative label - stilelemente - including logo, business stationery, swing tags, e-newsletter, blog and the website design (the website development was outsourced)... as well as creating the banner for this blog. I like this process so much I've decided to offer my services on a freelance basis to anyone who needs or wants some artwork done... surface pattern design, illustration, logo, blog and online shop banners or brand identity.

Alternatively, if you would like to collaborate on a project then don't hesitate to get in touch.

Long before I started stilelemente I was always dabbling in art in one form or another... drawings mostly (like the one above - see more here), many have been given as gifts to family and friends over the years. I also created flyers for parties and even did a logo or two way before computer generated design existed :) It was when I started my uni degree that I gravitated towards textiles, though it was more art-based textiles than commercial I did play around with pattern design (see some examples here)... and of course the best examples are my repeat patterns for textile meterage / yardage here.

Though I haven't been doing this commercially for long, I have always approached it professionally and my art is in private collections in Australia and abroad. So if you need the services of a creative person please contact me to discuss your project.

You can follow this new blog and Google +, 'like' my new Facebook page or connect on Linkedin to keep up-to-date with projects, designs, products and events... and you can see the things I love and that inspire me on my Pinterest page and Flickr photostream.

* NB: original source of drawing is not known, from memory it was an ad in a magazine. Apologies for not being able to give credit to the original photographer. This item is not for sale.
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